About Us

Over the years, Triune has made its mark as a successful Event Organizer and Managers, which has now become one of the major activities of the Group. This has led it to launch a separate company under the style of Triune Exhibition & Event Management Services (TEEMS).

Event Management is the new buzzword on the Media, Glamour, Social or Commercial circuits. It is no longer something done once on a while by Public Relations or Advertising Agency guys. Now, most events are organized by an event management company, with professionalstaking care of every minute details, right from selecting the venue to the choosing of color schemes there, food and drink catering, media coverage, invitation of guests, using correct database etc.

The task of an event management company is an onerous one, nowadays. Even Annual General Meetings of Banks & Financial Institutions, Industrial & Commercial Organizations to Marriage ceremonies or any social events are taken care of by an Event Management Company.

Corporate events need to be professionally managed by someone who understands the ultimate aim of organizing such an event. There are now professional services offered by Companies, who specialize in Corporate Event Management. A corporate event could be either an internal one or one open to public or a Special Media Event.

For instance, there could be a product launch, a road show, a brand-re-enforcing exercise like an annual bash, holding of Annual General Meetings, a Dealers’ Conference etc. Or, it could be an event celebrating corporate success or simply an Anniversary party. It could also be an event centered round a major announcement to media. Or it could be a media event with corporate sponsorship.
All these events have to be handled differently, depending on who the client wants to reach out to and what message they want to give out. The program would vary in each instance. For a consumer product launch, it would mean ensuring that the consumers are treated to a sample of the product in innovative ways. The management of the event also depends on who the target group is.

Triune Exhibition & Event Management Services (TEEMS), offers Event Management Packages to its clientele, managed by it’s unique team of professional and experienced Account Managers. By understanding your business needs, a one-stop, first class tailor-made program is designed to match your exact requirement and budget. Offering a WOW factor with a fresh out look and empathic vision, our services are one of distinction – Events from the unconventional to the sublime.